Monday 22 January 2018

#421 Reading the news

This afternoon, I sat in the lounge looking through a couple of magazines my landlord had passed me. I won't go into why I found it almost unbearable to do so, except to say that it wasn't the landlord's fault by any means, I mean how could it be? All she'd done was pass me some magazines.

I genuinely mean that it was almost unbearable. There was a period of what seemed like ten minutes, in reality it was probably two minutes, where I felt a strong urge not to do it. I went ahead and read them though. I had nothing better to do and besides, it could be helpful.

It's hard to say whether or not I made the right call. I applied some analytical thinking to the situation though. I was trying to work out if and how it might be possible to get an article into one of them so I had a flick through, noting down what the articles were about and who the authors seemed to be because they weren't always credited.

It might've been easier if I'd written the damn thing already because then all I'd have to do would be to pitch it. That might actually have been the best way to go about it but I hadn't written anything that long in a while and certainly nothing locally relevant.

To be fair, local magazines didn't seem to want more than about five hundred words and I wrote that every day anyway if you added together my blog posts and journals.

Having read the magazines, I was no closer to knowing how and if they ever accepted articles from unfamiliar writers. I ended up emailing the editors asking the question directly. Even if they said it was possible, I'd probably have to get acquainted with an entrepreneur as stories about local business owners made up the bulk of the publications' content.

I guessed my odds of ever getting anywhere with this endeavor were on the low side. It would be something if it happened though. I mean quite literally, I would have done... something. For a change.

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