Monday 15 January 2018

#414 Meetings and discussions

I had a pretty good meeting with a recruiter this morning. It wasn't the first I'd met lately but there was still a part of me that would envision them raising their eyebrows or telling me they couldn't help or something. I knew that a lot of career changers probably shared that fear but the recruiter was really optimistic.

My ex-housemate Naino had been suggesting the freelancing route for a while, which definitely had some merit to it. Technically I'd already completed some short pieces of work for various clients last year although I imagined the gap between those isolated examples and being able to create a sustainable living was quite large. Plus I'd definitely prefer the social and cooperative advantages of joining an organisation.

Someone else I knew had weighed in with their advice recently although I wasn't entirely happy about how it felt. It got me thinking about whether and how much I should even care what other people thought. A question often dealt with by various memes although I'd never been convinced the answer was quite as simple as what any of them conveyed.

Sarah had been emphasising the importance of networking, which was all very well although hardly a strategy on its own. That would be like attending cocktail parties to ask if anyone had a particular variety of cabbages for sale at a certain price instead of trying to find an online retailer who offered them. It seemed more like something one might drop into existing conversations than a reason to try to have them in the first place. That was just my opinion.


Fizzfan said...

Glad they were optimistic.

What happened at the dentists?

Profound Familiarity said...

Just a filling.