Monday 17 April 2023

#505 An audio journal

I've made an audio journal on YouTube, which is available here: Audio Journal 

I started with one entry and my plan is to expand this to ten entries. The journal is largely self-reflective and deals with themes of encountering mild challenge, helplessness and motivation. Parts of some of the posts were recorded while I was walking through woodland.

The entries are, I hope, in some sense self-therapeutic, which is to say that I hope that they allowed me to reflect on my own thoughts and feelings and move toward a greater acceptance and understanding of them. I'm not sure to what extent I accomplished this.

I've always enjoyed both walking and journaling and while I haven't ever previously combined them, I recently found that I had some matters on my mind that I particularly wanted to process and this gave me the time and space in which to attempt that.

Where I've felt a desire to linger on a particular detail, such as a question about what to say, or why I'm saying it, I've let myself do so. This has allowed me a degree of patience with some thoughts and how I express them, that I wouldn't normally be able to indulge in, either in regular conversation or in conventional therapy.

How satisfying.