Saturday 13 January 2018

#412 Dammit!

One of the perhaps not very surprising outcomes of trying to improve my focus during the coming year was that I really didn't have much time for anyone. I think this did surprise people though. A person or two had started to wonder why I wasn't meeting up with them, when I probably would have in the past. What could I possibly be doing? Surely I had all the time in the world.

Well for starters I was making sure I slept better so that took up eight hours a day. I could never get to sleep right away, so that was another hour, after I'd put down my book, which I'd been reading for thirty minutes. I wrote a daily blog so that was another hour. Purchasing, preparing and consuming food took about another two and a half. Commuting to and from wherever I was going was another two and a half. What were we up to? 15.5 hours.

Ok so there were about seven hours of career-focused activity, including breaks, which brought it to 22.5 hours. Checking and responding to emails was probably another half hour, which left one remaining hour for things like watching Netflix, tidying up, writing journal entries or making notes of what needed doing the following day. That was it. Twenty four hours.

At the high risk of repeating an ending to a previous blog post, Jack Bauer eat your heart out.

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