Saturday 6 January 2018

#405 A thousand words

Over the Christmas period, I'd successfully completed a detailed theoretical model that I'd been putting together of the perfect job. Not just for anyone either, the perfect job for me, based on over sixty attributes that I'd semi-consciously selected for the purpose. That part might take some explaining.

Had I been consciously focused on coming up with criteria for the perfect job, my mind would be too restricted by the question. I'd start thinking about work, which would activate certain neural associations, potentially influencing or restricting the outcome. Instead, over a period of months, I'd been creating a giant collage of images, many of which had nothing to do with work, each representing something that I liked in general, no matter how far-fetched or inappropriate.

Naturally I had some idea that the end purpose did relate to work but I hadn't yet thought about how that would be the case, which left me free to explore the depths of my imagination, including anything and everything that took my fancy. The next part took me by surprise.

Putting together the model hadn't been a career coaching exercise. Collecting ideas had but we hadn't yet discussed what I was going to do with them. I'd been sitting at home, inserting some of the final pictures when I had suddenly felt compelled to add narratives to each one, explaining how they could form a part of my working day. I got to it right away and it took most of the afternoon. It was as though all those pictures had suddenly woken up and started talking.

Once the narratives were complete, I rearranged them all into categories: The work itself, the environment, the people and last of all, my own requirements. What I was left with was the ultimate template. It was still only theoretical of course but it served as an ideal guide against which any job I saw could be compared. 

If something excited or worried me about a position, I could pinpoint exactly which parts of the model it agreed or disagreed with. No job was going to fit exactly. That would be almost impossible but I now had an excellent way of measuring how well each job fitted me personally. Now all I had to do was find one.

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