Thursday 15 March 2018

#473 Keep scrollin' scrollin' scrollin' scrollin'

Why? Why did they make their sites like that? The pages were so long that the scroll pip was tiny, which meant you needed the precision of a 19th century watchmaker to navigate. The odds of scrolling successfully though their way-too-many photos without overshooting the text and having to backtrack were practically zero, which meant the chances of me returning to their sites ever were also practically zero.

It was Wednesday and I'd been blog-hunting for autobiographical blogs since the weekend. I'd started long before that too but now I was stepping it up. Having covered off the first few pages of Google search results for things like "blog about my life", I was hitting a wall in terms of search options.

Posie Gets Cozy might have been a potential candidate had it not been an absolute scrolling catastrophe. Also the paragraphs were a bit long. Font was a bit small too. Great pictures though.

Donloree was entertaining but full of all the usual cliches like telling people to live their lives to the fullest. Ugh. When she wrote about herself I could stomach it but when her posts descended into the kind of waffle that looked like she'd strung together ten Facebook memes, I had to bail.

For all my criticisms, Posie and Dozy were the best of the bunch from this evening's searching. I could've carried on but I kept hitting food blogs. They made me so hungry I'd worked my way through an entire pack of cookies. Those things should come with a warning. The blogs, not the cookies.


Fizzfan said...

Poisie n Dozey indeed.
Who the hell wants to know how to dye wool accompanied by endless pics of the weather and their precious darlings, and couldn’t agree more about the Urgh brought on by directives on how to be nauseatingly jolly every day.
They either have too much time in their hands and/or self importance to invite comment.

See I enjoy being horrible when I know no one will actually suffer from my hideous presumptions.
It’s very liberating:)

Profound Familiarity said...

This is the place to do it :)