Monday 25 May 2015

#107 BBQ

It had been a pretty quiet bank holiday weekend. After crawling quickly out of the wreckage of the working week with a full backpack, I'd decided against wandering off into the city to drink lager on my own and came back to the house to eat Chinese with Marc at the kitchen table while watching a shark documentary.

Apparently scientists are uncovering the utility of sharks.

Aside from watching part of series six of 24, I'd sent a holiday request to take four weeks during July and August, spent an hour setting up the software on my work phone and thrown out some of the older clothes from my wardrobe. I should probably replace them with new ones at some point.

Microwave a potato. Tear up a pepper, some chorizo or corned beef, slice a carrot, a small onion and some cubes of cheese. Cover the lot in chives and paprika. Fry it for about ten minutes. I'm telling you.

People were talking about running at the BBQ earlier today. It seems like a good way of developing discipline, clearing the mind and giving oneself something healthy to focus on.