Saturday 3 March 2018

#461 Not the nine o'clock lecture

Six forty was cold. I hadn't got up this early in over a year. Flicking the light on, I rolled over and poured myself a ramekin of dry roasted peanuts. I'd heard the best way to regulate appetite and concentration during the morning was through protein and fat. Eggs and bacon. I didn't live in a cafe though. Nuts were the next best thing.

The sky was more cloudy than when the snow had first appeared. The streets contained fewer people, wearing more layers. My journey was straightforward. Walk, train, walk. Twenty minutes each. I crunched my way to Peckham. Half-way through the train ride, someone moved and I got one of those half-seats. The carpet-coated ledges that are too narrow and high to sit on properly but you can kind of perch.

It was my first full week of student support. I say full, what that meant was between three and five lectures a day. Roughly 40% got cancelled at the last minute. Before getting off the train, I received a message from the student saying she couldn't make the first one. I had two hours to amuse myself on campus.

The campus' network connection was accessible to anyone who could make up a fake uni email address and claim they were staying on campus. I decided to go the legit route though and tethered to my phone. Once connected, I spotted a stool on the other side of my room that was near a radiator and a plug socket. Jackpot. I picked up my belongings, carried them over and plugged myself in for two hours of warmth and web access.

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