Friday 25 March 2016

#146 With a pinch of salt

Light isn't real. What we think is light is a distinction made in our mind. We might say that light looks bright and feels warm. Without the mind and the body to sense these things, there is no bright or warm. So light is not bright and warm. We are bright and warm. Sometimes. Could this be related to what the yogi on Youtube was saying about a person becoming the lightless light or was he describing an altogether different phenomenon? It's rarely a good idea to use contradicting terms like "lightless light". No wonder noone could bloody understand him.

When God said "let there be light", he didn't say it in English. English hadn't been created yet. Do you think he said it in Biblical Hebrew? What would be the point? There was noone around to hear it. He might have said it to himself, I suppose. In Biblical Hebrew. I suppose.

Isn't it funny when someone writes an article about how scientists are trying to understand consciousness? I read that they're starting to identify certain areas of the brain that are used in being conscious. It's a start. Explaining qualia is much harder. What it means, what it feels like to see the colour green for example.

I think that the uniqueness of consciousness is what makes it hard to define. If we were all the same, then we'd all have the same experience and we could say to each other "you know, consciousness" and they'd be like "oh yeah, consciousness, sure". Actually we can do that already. So forget that idea. It's been suggested that what it feels like to see the colour green can't be defined because we don't have a language sophisticated enough to describe it. I quite like this idea. I find it romantic.

Imagine you've got a very old rusty tape measure and you want to know exactly how wide it is. You might have a guess but you're not completely sure. Your first thought is to use the tape measure. It's the only tool you've got. It's an old tape measure though. You've used it to measure lots of other things but it simply isn't possible to twist the tape around to measure itself. The tape would break before you managed it.

I had a conversation yesterday with a girl who'd signed in to 7 Cups of Tea because she was feeling lonely. Gave her a bit of a tune-up. How's your job? How're your finances? How're your hobbies? It turned out that she had some creative outlets.

Seven billion people there are. That's all. Just seven billion. It might seem like a lot but it's not really. Not one of those people has the same experience of life. Not one. Each one views the world slightly differently. Each one creates different things. Each one is able to associate different experiences with the colour green. By the time we can see the colour, we can associate an experience with it. Seven billion. Not one of them correct.

Sunday 20 March 2016

#145 Amexit

No dates this weekend. No dates. It's not unusual. I did feel in the mood for meeting someone new though. I made do with messaging some people instead. On the plus side, Marc and I get to meet up to a dozen girls over the course of the next few weeks, while we look to fill the Katie-shaped gap that'll be opening up on the second floor, in the haunted room.

I'm not saying that I'd date somebody that I live with but I won't be living with most of the applicants will I? Besides, despite not saying it a moment ago, I totally would date someone I lived with, if I liked them enough.

The departure of a housemate, if they're leaving on good terms, can be a chance for last requests. Katie knew that it meant we'd have to go through the process of replacing her, so she was quite apologetic about it. Bless her. I told her it was fine, as long as she told me how she made her chips.

My impression of Katie is that she is a bit of a "foodie". My understanding of the word "foodie" is that it's someone who gives above-average attention to the quality or variety of the things that they eat. I don't know if she'd be comfortable with that label but she's moving out so hakuna matata.

Katie told us to listen carefully and then she outlined her six stage process. I've made them four times so far.

Tuesday 15 March 2016

#144 James Beckingham

There's a guy on the train whose job is hard to explain, you'd have to Google his name and you really should.

He's known as a teaser and he makes the journey easier when he tells all these jokes that no other man would.

He's refined and he's kind, the network doesn't mind. Though, some of his announcements are misunderstood.

But if you heard the rumour about his use of humour, you'll know that he's good, a bit cheesy but good.

His accent is meticulous, his updates are ridiculous, he won't circulate the train, just stays in one place. But once you know he's witty and something of a genius you'll wish that you could meet with him face to face to face.

Backwards facing forwards, forwards facing backwards. Whichever way you travel be sure to listen in. He's comically disclosing to watch out, the doors are closing or that you should put your litter in the nearest waste bin.

Has anyone got any Veras?

A Great Philospher once wrote...

Ahaahahahaa. Wikiiiid.

This geezer could be the best announcer we've ever seen. Know what I mean? He created a vibe.

He brightens up the ride as if by design. The carriage ignites like it's comin' alive.

I've often missed my stop, while I'm hanging around to hear his sound, he's not around so I get mellow.
Then smooth just to prove that my evening can improve, he bursts onto the Tannoy with a sunny "Hello!"

Something like a national treasure, he makes jokes to bring you pleasure while reminding you to pick up all the things you could lose.

Extraordinary fellow, like Rubens Barrichello. Remember that our railway staff should never be abused.

If this guy's around when you're heading to the town, you can recognise him from his individual sound.

We're nearly at the station. Make sure you've got your shopping. It's time to mind the step between the train and the ground.

Got any Salmon? Sorted.