Monday 12 March 2018

#470 Looking for links

I'd been continuing the search for autobiographical blogs like my own. They existed but weren't easy to find. Lots of bloggers wrote about themselves but often did so informatively, with heavy themes such as lifestyle, fashion, food or parenthood.

Last week I wrote a message in the "Official UK Bloggers"Facebook group, asking if anyone knew blogs like the ones I was looking for. 28 people replied. I saved a couple of links. Most had typical themes. Among the respondents, one blogger fitted the description. His name was Adam Townsend.

Adam wrote from the inside out. He wasn't writing about what happened, he was describing his experiences. It was exactly the kind of style I'd been after.

Being authentic in his expression, Adam didn't write for the sake of routine. He only sat down and typed when something really worth describing had happened. At a rate of one per year, his updates were infrequent to say the least. They were also amazing.

Two of the older bloggers in the group had said that when the internet was still young, more blogs were like that. I asked them if they knew of any. I asked Adam too. They sent a link but it wasn't quite the ticket. I would continue my search and try to find as many other examples as I could.


Fizzfan said...

Wow, what a weird and devastating experience.
I just can’t imagine the turmoil of having to compute your best buddy into a complete liar and a hideous and violent murderer almost overnight. That’s truly awful.
It’s impossible to go from loving someone to being repulsed by them in a heartbeat whatever they’ve done. Poor guy. The conflict and never ending questions must be terrible.

I guess we all think we’d get a sense of a murderous ‘type’ but of course that’s impossible. Feel odd saying this but when I first married, we became friends with a couple and got to a point of going out in a foursome and round each other’s for meals etc. I liked the wife but wasn’t so keen on him. He was however in the same trade as my husband so it was all fairly OK.
Things petered out when they divorced though and my husband was the only one that continued to see him from time to time.
He got a new girlfriend and the odd conversation would crop up about him but that was about it. Several years passed before he hit the headlines...... His girlfriend had left him and when he found out she was with another man he’d broken into their house and killed them both.
It’s was a shock even though I’d not seen him for several years. I kept thinking at the time I’ve socialised with a murderer?! I remembered his x wife as being a thoroughly decent type though and they’d also had two children. I felt so sorry for them having to carry that awful familial connection.

They don’t carry a sign and I guess that kind of rage is rare and only generated in a perfect storm of horribly troubled events or thought processes that most of us never experience or thankfully act on.

Good blog though!

Profound Familiarity said...

So you've got some experience of this yourself. Yes, that must be very unpleasant for the children and so unfair of course as they might not be able to contextualise it as well as an adult (and it's still difficult for an adult).

Even after reading Adam's and your own story, I still find it really hard to believe that someone I know could be a murderer but I think you're right, maybe they could be and I wouldn't know what they were going through.

Also I completely agree about the perfect storm and I think any one of us could get caught in that storm.