Tuesday 30 July 2013

#28 Some wisdom

I forgot to update the blog this weekend.

Space can be filled if you rise like my lumber.

Never let anyone tell you how much to care about something.

You don't have to be perfect to be perfect for somebody.

Pride is an abomination of the soul.

Free will does not exist.

Revenge, punishment and retaliation alone are evil concepts.

Love those who do you harm.

What proportion of your income do you give to charity?

You can eat and walk at the same time. It saves time.

The meaning of life is to reproduce.

If a million people flipped a coin for a pound and continued flipping it for double or nothing, the handful that became millionaires would write books explaining their strategy for wealth.

Reasons why Africa is so poor include concepts celebrated by many people such as diversity of language and religion. 

Monday 22 July 2013

#27 Some principles

Somebody asked me this week what a man's role was. Actually they didn't but I read it somewhere. I thought I'd have a stab at answering it in a paragraph or so.

He's got to work to make a good living for his family. I'm not saying a woman can't do that too. When he's not
at work, he should nourish the people close to him by engaging them in fun and practical activities as well as relaxing with them. What that actually involves is down to the individual. I think the kind of psychological support that a man would give to his spouse would come naturally but for the sake of completeness, he needs to be able to fill the role of the husband that a woman imagines in her vision for the future, whether it be someone that is very attentive, very professional, someone very physically capable, or just a good all-rounder. Men, like everyone, must also uphold principles as best they can: Honesty, compassion... erm, etc.

I really can't be arsed and don't have a lot to write about so that's it for this week.

Oh one more thing. I had an idea this week that a person could write a really really big blog and call it a superblog. It would be a lot like a book but it would meander like a blog. I don't think this is a good idea because large quantities of information that isn't indexed aren't particularly entertaining or useful but I quite like the word 'superblog'.

Saturday 13 July 2013

#26 Half way there

Well here it is. Entry twenty six. The half way point. You know, writing a successful blog isn't all fun and games. It's... no, why would we back-track on that? It's about... what? What do you mean this isn't a successful... where's your... Where's your blog? Where's your blog? Asshole. I think he's gone. It's about coming up with a variety of topics on a regular basis, making the time to write and dealing with the praise and the criticism that goes with it.

Over the past six months, I've learned: That I can at least half-keep a new year's resolution, which of my friends, family and acquaintances will read this each week and that starting with a blank page every weekend, I am most inclined to write creatively, philosophically and about food, in roughly equal portions. 

Despite the sparse presentation and patently concise updates, this is a growing blog. According to Blogger's stats, the number of page views has increased steadily every single month since the blog's inception, with the majority of page views coming from the UK, followed by the US, Russia, Australia, Germany, Canada, the Netherlands, New Zealand, Brazil and France.

I am proud to announce that my readers prefer Chrome over I.E. and Microsoft over Apple.

Thank you.

Sunday 7 July 2013

#25 Tea for two

Cookie decided that it was about time we met up for lunch again, a ritual he started by shouting me a meal several years back, as an appeasement for dating my sister. Don't ever tell him that I was actually perfectly happy that the two of them had gotten together.

~Paraphrasing~ "My train gets in at two thirty. We can go for afternoon tea". I called the Kingsway Hall hotel and booked a table. I have a habit of taking casual remarks literally. I have to say, having never swapped my steak for cake before, it was a lot of fun. The immaculately cut sandwiches, the scones and the variety of desserts. I think that if restaurants offered a selection of smaller bits of all of their puddings on the menu, people would go for it and it might help to satisfy some indecisive people.

The tea seems to help to balance things out and we went for the champagne option, which was kind of cool. There are a lot of deals available so it turned out to be pretty easy on the wallet and the scones were "all you can eat" so we asked the guy to bring over another round. We had to go for a pint before and afterwards to make sure we were both still playing for the team. I went for an orange juice and lemonade for the second pint. Whatever. I still wear socks with shorts. I know who I am.