Saturday 17 February 2018

#447 Appraisal season

Reviews. I'd been thinking about this for a while. Months in fact. Nobody was going to spontaneously find my blog and start following it. Not that it was impossible. Just unlikely. I needed a reason for people to find me. What did every blogger want? Readers. How could I attract bloggers to my site? By giving them something that could help them get more readers. What could I give them? Feedback.

Last year I made a couple of exploratory journies through the blogosphere and was appalled by what I encountered. Excessive images. Poor grammar. Abandoned blogs laying strewn about cyberspace never to be read again. The world needed to do better. A set of standards was called for.

I came up with four criteria. Could they write? Was the layout clean? Were the updates regular? If images were used, were they decent? Then I made the reviews page. I decided to start small, linking three blogs that I already read and making some brief comments. It wasn't the greatest of efforts but enough to begin with.

Growing the list could take a while as I wasn't swimming in time but I'd get there. Bloggers tended to be a vain bunch and I suspected that if I reached out on Twitter, they'd be eager to share their links with me. There'd be no shortage of blogs to review.


Running on empty said...

Where do we read these reviews?

Profound Familiarity said...

You'd have to view my blog on a desktop computer and click the 'reviews' tab.