Tuesday 13 February 2018

#443 Where are all the bloggers?

Six applications. It wasn't bad for a Sunday. I'd just spent the entire weekend researching and browsing jobs. Some interesting. Some not.

Since meeting with Sarah, my discipline had improved. I was still writing down any ideas I had that might be useful in some way. The thoughts fell into three categories: work, life in general and blogging. There were several things I wanted to do with Something More Weekly. Use more links. Tweet more posts. Take a better image for the title.

The camera on my phone simply wasn't up to the task. I was due an upgrade but Samsung would never let me keep my data allowance, so I would never let them replace the phone. I had an old digital camera that was marginally better than the phone cam. The only trouble was it drank battery fluid like a sponge. Two double A's lasted about three minutes.

Another idea I had was to look for other personal blogs. When I browsed through the blogosphere, all I seemed to find was food and fashion. Plus the odd really geeky niche interest blog. Where were all the regular people just going about their boring lives and writing about it every day for no obvious reason? Had they all come up with something better to do?


Fizzfan said...

It’s an odd thing isn’t it.
Just general everyday blogs about everyday things that people can comment on.
I looked once ages ago and came up with practically nothing too.
It’s Your almost unique selling point:)

No idea how you’d advertise it though?

Profound Familiarity said...

I think about this a lot.