Wednesday 7 February 2018

#438 A piece of cake

There sat atop a china plate
of spotless white and bathed in light
behind the glass and to my right
as I walked down the street one night
a single piece of chocolate cake

It stood alone as did I too
The sliced confection in my view
was teasing me as cakes will do
Without a doubt, I swear it knew
My every thought, make no mistake

So helpless I could hardly move
I took a step as if to prove
the way ahead was mine to take
then took one back, for goodness sake!
It had me held, that devilishly
naughty little piece of cake

And there I stood till darker still
the night became. Against my will
my hands remained glued to the sill
It grew much colder. I felt ill
My frozen limbs began to shake

The hypothermia set in
My blood was slowing deep within
The days had passed and I was thin
I knew my fate and couldn't win
Paralysed from toe to chin
I fell and slept and did not wake

Amused, a step o'er me did take
a braver soul, who sought to make
a purchase of the piece of cake
and promptly did and ate it too
though how I haven't got a clue
Remember this, I ask of you

Throughout this world are people who
can't seem to try, or act or do
and even while it seems seems to you
their obstacles are none or few,
the things of which short work you make,
to someone else, they might not be
a piece of cake


Fizzfan said...

Genius! I loved that.

I think my piece of cake in life might be called Battleberg;)

Profound Familiarity said...

Yeah, that stuff is nice :)