Thursday 1 February 2018

#431 Changing routines

Writing in the morning was harder. Not because my days were filled with monsterous excitement but just because I hadn't fully experienced them yet. The thoughts hadn't had time to swirl around the head and become potential candidates for blog posts. My brain hadn't woken up yet.

There I sat though. Tapping away at my phone on the train. I was trying to free up more time in the evening for other things. My routine of cooking, blogging, watching Star Trek Enterprise, emailing Hetal and reading was ideal except it left no time for anything work-related.

The call to productivity wasn't deafening but it would be once I started working again. I'd have to find time during evenings and weekends to supplement my toil with knowledge, networking and strategy.

A tad ambitious perhaps. Perhaps. I'd never before been eager to sacrifice leisure time for, well, anything. I also had no idea how I'd feel once I actually started working. Drained, probably. I figured I might as well put the routines in place though. If nothing else, at least I'd have more time in the evenings for Star Trek.


Fizzfan said...

I’m pretty sure that without the discipline of work I’d be much less productive.
I definitely could while away most days doing very little other than leisurely things that I like to do but also know that without work my general mood starts to dip.
I had a week off last week and enjoyed it but did feel very slightly excited to get back to work on Monday.
It’s now of course Thursday and I’m feeling a bit stressed again, but on balance, working provides structure to my life and I think most people benefit from that.

Star Trek......Hmmmm. Now that’s a world I now know very little about. Sci Fi’s a bit lost on me.

What’s the appeal?

I’m mad for detective murderous things and high drama or documentaries.
Watched Miriam Margolyes tour of America last week on catch up. She’s pretty funny and her take on America and it’s different states was really engaging. Some of her hosts were not best pleased with her politics or her views, but she’s not one to hold back. Marvellous.

Profound Familiarity said...

What's the appeal of Star Trek? I think it's the fun of being able to go into deep space in a mighty ship and explore new worlds where anything can happen.

Miriam Margolyes... let's Google her. Oh there she is. Meeting with all and sundry by the looks of it. Yes I think it's good these things are documented.