Sunday 4 February 2018

#434 Time bandits

For about a week I'd been pushed for time in the evenings. It was daft. I tended to think of myself as the Guinness World Record holder for the person with the most free time on the planet, yet here I was, struggling to get everything done. What on earth was happening?

I wasn't sure. I'd get home. Eat. Watch something. Check emails. Write a blog post and then all of a sudden it was after eleven. It was as though tiny pixies were sneaking into the clocks and mischievously tinkering with all the... things inside the different devices that determined what time they showed although I'd have noticed the pixies unscrewing the back of the laptop and was it even possible to alter a system clock with nothing but a pixie wand?

I had no idea what to do about it either. Not a damn clue. I had to check emails. I had to blog. I wasn't willing to sacrifice watching something because I was in the middle of a free psychology lecture series and was really enjoying it. I definitely wasn't going to stop eating.

I'd been working so hard on my sleep patterns this year and was doing really well at it too. The regularity with which I'd been reading and sleeping and waking had been running like a well-oiled Toyota but this mysterious overcrowding of my evening schedule was threatening to tear down all of it. I needed something. A new rule. A solid golden rule that I'd recognise and stick to.

I decided to try front-loading the blogging and emailing. Those were the critical tasks. After that, if I only had a short time for entertainment, that would have to be the thing that got cut. It would be annoying because after eating all I usually wanted to do was lounge about but I was already annoyed. It didn't feel like a golden rule but maybe it just needed some practice. Either way, it was the only solution I could think of.

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