Tuesday 30 January 2018

#429 Learning how to think

I'd been wondering about making some YouTube videos for a while. Everyone knows that if you write a blog, you should set up a YouTube channel as well because then you have a wider reach.

There was a problem with this though. I had a hard enough time kidding myself that the blog was interesting, let alone believing that a channel about my idle thoughts would be watched by anyone other than the occasional friend. What could I do about that?

The question was answerable, it just required some extra thought. I felt like I'd got better at applying extra thought to things lately. I suspected that as people aged, they usually got better at thinking more creatively or persistently to solve problems. I'd also started keeping a list of ideas and ranking them by how appealing they were.

I was walking to the station shortly after thinking about the blog when it occurred to me that people might watch a YouTube channel if it was informative or creative. My next thought was that maybe it could be about other blogs.

I could review blogs and then talk about them on camera. You wouldn't be able to see the blog itself but I could flash links up and then create a rankings page on my own blog. I think people would look at it. If the blogs were ranked carefully, with useful findings and if I ranked a lot of them, then maybe people would want to go look at it.

It was a tall order. There were thousands of blogs. Maybe even millions but I could start local, with one or two categories. Even so, it would take a lot of time and I'd only be doing it for fun. It didn't seem like something I should strive to make time for but I'd keep it on my list of ideas. Somewhere in the middle.

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