Tuesday 23 January 2018

#422 My Cookie Dough, a review

The writing was purple. The staff were dressed in purple and the boxes were purple but I was not at Ribena World because as far as I knew, there wasn’t a place called Ribena World. I was at My Cookie Dough, Stratford, waiting to try one of their cookie dough… things.

It was coming up to closing time, which to someone who’d never been to Westfield Stratford before, might have seemed like the reason it was busy. The reality being that Westfield was always busy.

After a five minute queue, I was handed my purple cardboard box, containing a scoop of ice cream and a portion of cookie dough. The presentation was on point. A free-standing stack of whipped ice-cream and a square-ish shape of dough, topped with sauce and some sprinkles.

I’d gone with the Oreo version, so my sauce was actually an imitation of the cream inside an Oreo. It wasn’t much like it though. I’d say that was the worst part of the whole experience. Oreo cream is white and sweet to balance out the richness of the dark biscuit, whereas this… whatever it was… was yellowish and tasted more like a custard cream filling.

The ice cream scoop was very similar to Mr. Whippy. Possibly even nicer, I’d say. It was slightly thicker, which made it more substantial. The whole thing was served at an ideal temperature. No undue melting or crystallisation.

The cookie dough itself was like a marginally underdone Ben’s Cookie. It wasn’t exactly dough. I mean, you could probably classify it as such but it was borderline actual cookie, which could be disappointing if someone was expecting the kind you get left in a mixing bowl. For what it was, the flavour and texture did their job though so I was satisfied with the experience.

Overall, I’d give My Cookie Dough a 7.5 out of 10, rising to 8 if they can reduce the queue time.

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