Monday 1 January 2018

#400 Reemergences

I'd been looking for a new source of happiness. The novelty of having moved back to Worlingham Road had worn off. I was still very pleased to be there but I needed some new meaning to my days besides completing whatever tasks I set myself.

In my early twenties, I'd dabbled in music. Heck, I played the piano, guitar and drums as well as owning a professional grade synthesiser and holding jam sessions with my friends. It's not that I was good at playing instruments. That would have required dedication and hardship but I liked spending lots of time mucking around.

Now I was having the thought that I could recreate one or two tunes that I'd composed as a younger man. I could potentially even compile a collection. A kind of commemorative musical representation of some key experiences from the thirty-three years I'd spent alive on the planet.

I knew once I'd had this thought that it might never happen. I had my work cut out with the career change and evenings tended to be taken up with eating, blogging, reading and general unwinding, none of which I was willing to sacrifice.

The thought was there though. Oddly enough, I'd felt some longing to go skiing again recently too. It was as though some moments from my past were finding their way back into my present thoughts. I hadn't thought about skiing or making music in years. I wondered why they had come to mind. It seemed as though it might mean something.

Maybe now that I felt more settled, my mind was turning towards increasingly pleasant and optimistic possibilities. Perhaps I was getting my imagination back. I wouldn't necessarily plan a ski trip or make the collection of tunes but I was able to envisage doing so. I was having ideas about the future. For now, that was enough.

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