Saturday 26 August 2017

#231 A massage

I slept in late today. Searching for work had become tedious. The palpitations, which I'd had since I was nineteen, had been flaring up. I put it down to some difficult discussions I'd had. Things would even out again soon. They always did. Still, I wanted some help relaxing, so I booked a massage.

In my whole life, I'd only had two massages. Both in the last couple of years. I'd felt great afterwards, a feeling that soon wore off. While it lasted, it was an effective distraction.

I confuse masseuses. My body hates being prodded and kneaded. I end up sighing and making a face like I'm eating brussel sprouts. They think I don't like it, which is true in a way. I try to explain I appreciate it. Afterall it's good for me. Just like the sprouts.

"You have to relax more!" she told me sternly "otherwise it won't work". Now I was confused. Wasn't it her job to make me relax? If I could do that myself, why would I even need a massage? "I don't know how" I replied, embarrassed. "Like when you go to sleep" she explained. As if I could think about sleeping with someone making a balloon animal out of my torso.

Eventually my time was up. The woman repeated her mini-lecture about relaxing more and I was free to go. It felt good to be outside again. I considered running the two miles back to the station. It was warm out. I'd be sweating buckets on the train. Plus, I wasn't wearing the right shoes. I ran it anyway and then bought some vegetables. I didn't feel any calmer than earlier. At least I was taking care of myself.


Fizzfan said...

Someone bought me a massage once as a birthday treat. It was in a posh hotel.
I walked through reception all freshly showered, hair normally blown dry and 'normal'.
Can't remember much about the massage itself other than thinking It was all a bit forgettable. She did however include a head massage, her hands slathered with oils, which delighted me as I then had to walk back out through reception looking like Waynetta Slob after a hard shift at Maccy Ds.
Had a foot massage once too after being told it was a dreamy experience, but broke out into a cold sweat and had to call the whole thing off. Very weird.

Balloon animal :)))
Glad you bought some veg....Sprouts?

Profound Familiarity said...

I suppose going for a massage to use up the gift is different than going because you're tense and feel like you need one. Some people probably enjoy them enough to get them regularly regardless of how they're feeling.

I can't imagine ever feeling like a foot massage myself. A cold sweat? I wonder what kind of voodoo they were practising.

No sprouts :)

Speaking of Maccy D's, I keep meaning to try their signature collection. Maybe later.

Fizzfan said...

Look pretty tasty. I'd probably get meat sweats if my feet are anything to go by ;)

Profound Familiarity said...