Tuesday 1 August 2017

#205 Going daily

Last week, I decided to start blogging daily. For a month. As a trial run. A couple of things prompted it. The first was that I'd been getting more views and wanted to see what effect it would have. The second was that I thought it might make me a better writer.

I was pretty much certain the views weren't real as it was common knowledge that the stats weren't reliable but I still liked to see the graph line going up.

A month probably wouldn't make much difference but if it was sustainable, I could continue. I'd get a year's worth of posts written in a sixth of the time. Six years' worth of posts in twelve months.

Would the quality suffer? Ha. Quality. It was an amateur blog. What? Was I worried I wouldn't win an Oscar or something? Winning an Oscar for a blog was about as likely as getting anything else for it. Besides, in the long-term, the quality might even improve. If it worked. If I kept it up.

The odds were against me. I mean, writing a post every day? It's not like I even did anything worth writing about. What the hell was I going to come up with? That was the fun part though.

I'd been telling myself since I started writing the damn thing that I could write about anything.

Cardboard, for example. 

I could write about cardboard. Not today though. Today was about the start of a month of daily blogging.

Cardboard would have to wait for another day.

I could hardly wait.


Running on empty said...

I hope you do blog daily!
Cardboard is cool. I like weather too.

Running on empty said...

I often find the news or opinion posts in the news sites get me thinking, and then writing. Some do, and some don't.

Profound Familiarity said...

Yeah that's true. There was a week when I wrote something on Medium every day and in the evenings I used to walk up to the station because they always have a stack of free newspapers there. There was usually something in them that I felt like writing about.

The headlines are so much bulshit these days. It makes me wonder if a person could publish a newspaper which was more real and uplifting and whether people would read it.

Running on empty said...

You could, and they would.