Wednesday 23 August 2017

#228 Deeper underground

The Piccadilly line received a long-overdue nod of recognition today as I decided to name it my second favourite tube line. The dark blue transport route, which connects Europe's busiest airport to the humorously named town of Cockfosters received the title on account of its comfortable sofa-like seats, a factor known to weigh heavily in the rankings.

I commented "I'm tremendously proud of my decision. This latest clarification of one of my personal travel preferences is expected to lead to a noticeable increase in the efficiency with which I am able to make a range of decisions about how I journey through the capital".

The Bakerloo line has held the title of my favourite tube line since I began using it as an alternative route from Elephant and Castle to Oxford Circus, shortly after moving to London in 2011. While both the Bakerloo and Piccadilly lines have comfortable seating, the Bakerloo has no arm-rests separating its seats, which gives it a more sofa-like feel. The seats themselves are coated in a distasteful maroon trim, which I say gives the 1972 carriages a grubby, lived-in image, which always makes me feel right at home.

The Piccadilly line neither commented, nor declined to comment when asked about the award. I reported that this was most likely because it was a tube line and it had no vocal cords.


Fizzfan said...

I must say I'm very happy you've switched your affection from The Baker Line to The Piccadilly as I don't much like the idea of no arm rests between 'other' people, particularly if they start feeling right at home due to it's sofa like qualities. As for the maroon words.

Profound Familiarity said...

Would that it were, my soda pop fixated Norfolk based commenter. The Piccadilly has merely crept up to just below the Bakerloo, which remains my favourite line.

You make a shrewd observation about the ease of such activities as canoodling, galavanting, shenanigans, tomfoolery and all manner of other kinds of mischief.

There were a couple of times last year on the Jubilee line when I felt treated to something more than the usual bodily contact when stood with a woman but it never became so obvious that I could say for certain.

Fizzfan said...

Well that's fired up my imagination......I'm quite surprised the Jubilee isn't your go out of the way for favourite now :)

I used to go into work an hour early just to avoid having anyone sit next to me on the bus. I'd even be annoyed if they sat in front or behind me if there were seats further away.
Fortunately we moved offices and I can now drive in. Bliss.
You won't be surprised to learn I've never been tempted to offer my services in the Drive n Share scheme.
Other than that I'm quite sociable;)