Tuesday 8 August 2017

#213 Déjà senti

Last night I went to bed at 9:30pm. That's insanely early for me. Usually I'm kissing the laptop goodnight at around 11pm. I was wiped out. I'm either coming down with scurvy or being interrupted by sounds in the night.

I woke up ridiculously happy. You know when you get a profound feeling of familiarity? I don't mean déjà vu. It's like déjà vu's cousin or something. Déjà senti. That happened. For an hour. Then it ended. I was still really tired. I think tiredness can take a day or two to cure.

It made me wonder whether other people had the same feelings, or rather, to what extent they did. With some people, you can tell how they feel from the outside. With others, it's like trying to read a chinese map. I had a psychologist friend who would tell me that most of the time, if a person has a mental health problem, you wouldn't know. If that's even half true, it's interesting.

I got depressed once, in my teens. It lasted a month or two. If some people have never experienced depression, does that mean some people have never had déjà senti?

They seem to be at opposite ends of the spectrum because when you're depressed, nothing matters and when you're ridiculously happy nothing matters. I've heard it said that the opposite of depression isn't happiness, it's vitality. I think depression could have more than one opposite though. Hold on, I'll draw a chart...

The point is, vitality seems to require energy, whereas you can be happy even if you're completely beat.

That is my contribution for the day.


Running on empty said...

Is a Chinese map like Irish directions?

godzilla said...

I like this

Profound Familiarity said...


Profound Familiarity said...

Nai, why are you called Godzilla? :) :)