Sunday 25 February 2018

#455 World Something Pointless Day

This week I'd been keeping an eye on recent Twitter trends. Following the relative success of the Heroism and Laziness post, which got retweeted twice and received over a hundred views if you believed Blogger's stats, which I didn't but still found them useful as an indicator, the little blue bird was in my good books.

On Thursday, towards the top of the list was the tag "#WorldThinkingDay". "Yesss!" I thought to myself. Finally an entire day devoted to the joys of revving one's mental engine. Vroom, vroom! I Google'd the term enthusiastically. Which just meant that I mis-spelled it and had to backtrack. Never type when you're happy.

Dammit. Apparently the day was largely celebrated by boy scouts and girl guides. I'd been a beaver at one point but had long since wiggled out of my woggle. Which was a shame because if there was a World Thinking Day then it stood to reason there must also be a thinking badge of some kind. I could have kept it and sewed it onto my jeans.

That'd settle things real quickly in office discussions and pub debates. Look! I've got my thinking badge, mate so you'd better damn well listen to me or else I'll report you to the cub scout leader, Akela. What do you mean you've never heard of her? She was the Indian Wolf character from the Jungle Book. You know, the one who watched over Mowgli but not enough to stop him running off, getting hypnotised, getting kidnapped, stealing, starting a forest fire and getting attacked by a tiger.

Maybe that's why I hadn't heard of the day before. Scout leaders named after irresponsible Disney characters didn't seem like the best role models when it came to intellectual rigour. I closed Twitter, disappointed at having discovered another "World Something Pointless Day" and resolved not to give it any more thought.


Fizzfan said...

Brilliant! Any mention of woggles is a winner. That, and the notion of Disney being intellectually rigorous:)
I never gave myself the chance to get any Brownie badges. I was quite sure I didn’t want to try by the end of my first session, besides which the uniforms were hideous so never went back.
I might have been tempted if there’d been a DayDreamers badge or a Flying Off The Swing one.

I read an article about different National Days too. As I was skim reading I was thrilled by someone’s suggestion of a Burnt Slippers Day!
I was very disappointed to find it actually read Burns Suppers:(

A World Something Pointless Day would be awesome. Pretty sure the suggestions would be well worth a read.

Profound Familiarity said...

I started replying to this comment immediately after reading 'burnt slippers' to ask what this meant but then saw the burns suppers line.

It feels like there's a day almost every day.