Sunday 18 February 2018

#448 Seeking soul

My previous failure to find individuals like myself who blogged about themselves was inexcusable. I knew that now.

It wasn't that I hadn't found any. I'd just been less than impressed with what I found but the reason, which I'd kind of known all along, was that I hadn't looked hard enough.

The first time I read a blog it was by an American woman. She'd started writing when a perfect storm of circumstances had thrown her off her perch. Health. Work. Relationship. There's nothing like a few disasters to get someone creative.

I couldn't remember the name of the woman or her site but it was clear she had a following and an income. How many bloggers could say the same? A growing number but I guessed it was still one in a thousand or less.

I wanted to find more blogs like that first one I read. Blogs with a soul. Popular or hardly read. Paid or amateur. I wanted to look through someone's eyes for while and feel some wonder at what they saw. My search for blogs had resumed.