Thursday 22 February 2018

#452 Back to school

Why didn't lecture halls double up as cinemas? Few people watched films during the day, or had classes in the evening. There might need to be one or two screens reserved for those who did but generally speaking, the peak times of films and lectures were different while the rooms required were the same. I could attest to that. I'd been browsing student timetables for the note-taking role and was about to attend my first session.

I shuffled into the theatre. It had that musty smell of old wood and half-cleaned carpets. The scent that signifies a building has given worthwhile service to its occupants. And isn't just the latest product of ambition and funding, which alone serve no-one and smell of nothing.

The orator, an aged gent, bespectaled, bearded and complete with cardigan, walked up to his desk and started shuffling his slides. Over the next two hours, I would be doing what I had always done in lectures. Writing my fastest, while trying to keep it legible and capturing as much as possible. I wished myself luck.

From the slides being shuffled it was clear I'd encounter terms I didn't know, symbols I couldn't translate and topics I'd never heard of but that was half the fun. I'd have to figure out the relevant points and get them down. It wasn't my class, nor my subject but it was my pen and boy was it about to get a workout.


Fizzfan said...

You’re so good at scene setting:)
Hope it went well.

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