Friday 23 February 2018

#453 Process One

The interview loomed. I'd read the articles on the company website. I'd taken the mission statement and chewed on it. The parts that tasted good were the fact that they were a techy bunch, which made them somewhat cool and interesting. They believed in humanising companies, which made them somewhat pleasant to work for. In theory. I believed them. Nobody launches a startup without believing in what they're doing.

The part I most enjoyed was defining some of the terms I encountered. The business was a Digital Transformation Consultancy. I often found that businesses didn't describe what they did as prominently and succinctly as possible but this one was ok. It became apparent relatively quickly.

What was Digital Transformation? I scooted over to Wikipedia, which defined it as the third phase of an unnamed process. "You're kidding me" I thought to myself. An unnamed process? Every process had a name. What kind of process didn't have a name? How would anyone even know what it was? At least call it "Process One" or something. I decided to call it that.

Anyway the first phase was Digitisation. That was the conversion of data from analogue to digital. Fine. The next phase was Digitalisation. Was the author winding people up? Apparently not. That was the adaption of industrial processes to the digitisation of their data. Ok, dandy. DT was the third phase. The impact on society.

The definition made me wonder whether the business might better be described as a Digitalisation Consultancy but since nobody knew how to say that, you could understand the label's redundancy. As for what they actually did, I'd find out tomorrow.

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