Tuesday 29 August 2017

#234 Food, glorious food.

I keep coming across adverts for something called Huel. It's claimed to be a nutritionally complete food product, i.e. it contains everything the body needs. In theory you could live off it. In fact in theory you probably should live off it. And it works out at less than £2 a meal. And it's Vegan.

What I like about Huel is that I could take a photo of its nutritional info and use it as a guide to what to look for in other foods. Would I try the product itself though? I'm not sure.

The name irritates me. Granted nutrient powder is creepy stuff but they could have at least come up with something appealing like Vanilla Max or Vegan Delight. When you're trying to persuade people to swap an actual meal for a pile of grey dust, marketing is really important.

As you'd expect, the company's all over its social channels. One commenter asked whether, once Huel was done ruining food, would it move on to sex? Huel replied that they thought sex was healthy enough already. That's what happens when startup fever goes to these people's heads. They think they know everything.

I'd try it if it was like that stuff in Star Wars that inflates into a cake-like substance when you add water. Better yet, if it came in chocolate coated bar form. I suspect it's more like a milkshake or porridge though. Too much like gruel. In name and texture. No thanks.


Fizzfan said...

Yeah, trying to imagine how on earth the product bids came up with Huel?
"Maybe something that sounds like Fuel but let's make it start with an H for healthy? High five! Yay! Amazing idea!"

Course like you I immediately thought of gruel or the sound you make when you're being sick.

Sounds grim.

Never have understood what's so hard about just eating a balanced sort of diet made up of ummm food.

Profound Familiarity said...

People have been eating peas and carrots for thousands of years. I'd be worried that Huel contains an ingredient or combination of ingredients that in ten years' time somebody figures out is harmful.

Fizzfan said...

That's a good point.
I just like food. I'm not a health fanatic and eat sugary things every day, but I do like veg, chicken, fish.
Stir fries n curries are so quick n easy too.
I think habits can be good and bad. I try to make a huge pot of chilli chicken n veg soup every Sunday and take it to work for lunch throughout the week. That's my good habit.
My bad is ice cream n crisps every day. The rest is a bit of both.
Do you cook?

Profound Familiarity said...

Your chilli arrangement sounds very economical.

I use the oven and hobs if that's what you mean. I don't cook anything special.

Haven't heard from Cath in a while. Hope she's alright.

Running on empty said...

Crisps have a lot of salt, so I rarely have those anymore, only in the pub, then not many.
I'm ok, just travelling and keeping busy.

Profound Familiarity said...

There was a brand here which came unsalted and you could add it yourself (or not). Smiths, it was. Not sure if you can still get them.