Tuesday 22 August 2017

#227 Selling Turkey

I tried the "tidy up and come back to it" approach this morning. It's a legitimate procrastination technique for when you're not ready to start something but after pottering around, you might be. Walked around the block. Bunged my duvet in the wash. Got to work.

The focus of today's job searching was an application for a building magazine. It involved finding an image, writing some copy, coming up with article ideas and checking a draft for errors. If only all job apps were that much fun.

In the evening I worked on the wording of a website for my mother's boyfriend. He has a villa in Turkey that he lets out. It wasn't hard work. I'd been to the place myself off the back of a raving verbal review from an ex-colleague back in 2014 and felt more than comfortable seducing people into going there.

I wonder sometimes how much writing affects the brain. It seems likely that a person who wrote fiction for a living would get so used to thinking in story mode that they might unconsciously start making choices based not on a sense of morality or personal gain but because it would make for a more interesting plot twist. Maybe that kind of perspective could come in useful when I don't feel like starting something or can't decide what to buy in the supermarket. I might give it a try next time.


Running on empty said...

Yes, I make allowances for the lifestyle of creative types. If they had really boring lives they'd have little to write about.

Profound Familiarity said...

Of course, they'd still write, as you'll see from my next post about the Piccadilly line :) but yes it's easier if you've got something to write about.

Fizzfan said...

Building and fun? That sounds like a tough call. How'd it go?
Turkeys easy to vouch for. It's gorgeous, as are the people.
I'm not sure if you have to have an interesting life as much as an interesting mind to be able to write well.
Didn't Roald Dahl spend most of his adult life in a shed?... (Might be exaggerating a bit, I think he went in for tea n stuff)

Running on empty said...

Well they do say to write what you know. Certainly I think it adds authenticity.