Friday 25 August 2017

#230 The Evening Substandard

Insensitive. That was my verdict. The Evening Standard had used the word "disgusted" on its front page covering the death of a Tunbridge Wells man on 22 August. The word had been attached to the middle class town as a snobbish joke for years. The paper knew what it was doing. I can't imagine the deceased's family were laughing too hard.

The tragedy wouldn't have featured at all had it not occurred at Kent's largest outdoor sex festival, which had taken place in a muddy field in Southborough that weekend. When I read the article, the cause of death was unconfirmed.

My friends and I had first heard about the festival when a local electrician had shared a link to it the previous week. I remember checking the weather forecast. Nineteen degrees. Cloudy. Raining on the Sunday. It was hardly Los Angeles. Somehow several hundred suburbanites had each jumped at the chance to give up their weekend and six hundred quid to have sex in a tent. They should've named it Anticlimaxfest.

An undignified end for a Man of Kent. Still, at least he died doing what he loved and went out with a bang.

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