Friday 11 August 2017

#216 Work ethic

Are you lazy?

At school, you did as much work as you needed to.

At work, you did your overtime

but that's nothing these days.

Yet it's above average.

Just like your income.

Nothing among your peers. Unthinkable for millions.

What is it to you?

and does it matter if you're not happy?

You haven't mastered life yet

but who has?

What'll get you the most

are the times when you feel like you should have tried harder.

Do those times bother you because

you wanted to work harder but you didn't

or because

you didn't want to work harder but felt like you should?


They bothered you because you let them.

Because sometimes some things bother some people.

Because you weren't happily pursuing something you wanted.

Or because you hadn't learned how to unhappily pursue something you wanted.

Or because there was nothing you wanted.

Or because what you wanted didn't exist.

Or because it did exist and you couldn't find it.

Or because you weren't looking hard enough.

Or maybe there isn't a reason.

You can decide on one.

If you like.

Just pick a reason.

After all, you need to have your reason.

Don't you?

The world wouldn't make sense otherwise.


Running on empty said...

"They bothered you because you let them." exactly. Contentment is the secret of happiness. Madame Bovary didn't understand that.

Profound Familiarity said...

Indeed she did not.

Fizzfan said...

Lazy? From what you've said I think I must be. I've always lacked ambition that's for sure.
Wish I had more drive, but whatever it is that has gotten me anywhere has always preferred the slow scenic route encountering a few rock falls and mulling over the odd surprise crossroads.
I think I've always been too interested just thinking about 'things' rather than what I should be trying to achieve.

Running on empty said...

what should you what should you be trying to achieve, Fizz?

Running on empty said...

Uggh it was jumping about while I was trying to type and there's no edit button.

Fizzfan said...

At times I've had nudges and prompts to either apply for supervisory positions where I've worked and friends have also sometimes said things like "You should write".
Trouble is I don't like responsibility or supervising other people, and "Writing" is all very well and good but it doesn't pay the bills.
If I'd had more ambition maybe things would have been different, but then again you could apply that to practically anything. Maybe if I'd had different parents, been richer, poorer, prettier, more confident, in fact just been someone else........I'd have been well, different. Not me.
I reckon more 'successful' people must have more talent, drive or luck.
I just asked myself what it is I do try to achieve and mostly it's to remain as happy as possible.

Running on empty said...

It's funny isn't it. I enjoyed supervising and directing other people because I chose to do it in a democratic way. We often voted on things. Other things no, because they were issues of patient privacy or safety, so not up for opinion. I preferred it infinitely to working under an idiot myself.

Fizzfan said...

I have worked for a few idiot bosses but mostly they've been absolutely fine, and a few fantastic.
We're not really managed anyway.
In our office I'd rather be chatting on the phones than looking at spreadsheets and checking stats, which is what they seem to do.
I guess a lot depends on what industry you're in.

Running on empty said...

You're not attracted by an increase in salary?

Fizzfan said...

Not if boredom or stress is increased. It really is genuine lack of interest in being a 'Boss'. I think I'd make a bad one anyway because I'm not disciplined or corporate minded enough. I think a lot of what they do is a huge waste of time and money. I'm pretty sure we could sack half our managers and no one would even notice. On the other hand one of my colleagues went into really early labour 2 weeks ago and the works stacked up big time and everyone's being asked to do overtime.
You don't get paid a lot more as a manger either.