Tuesday 19 December 2017

#347 Draining the battery

The frost-covered grass kept my boots from getting too muddy as I marched determinedly towards the middle of Peckham Rye park. It was nine-thirty in the morning and the wide open space at the bottom of the park was large enough for its centre to be free from the average dog walker and the sound of the traffic from bordering roads. It was there that I chose to make my phone calls.

The reception at home was fine and it was probably the case that my landlord couldn't hear my conversations but I wasn't sure and felt self-conscious about calling up thirty-nine recruiters to ask if each one had any communications roles that might be suitable for a candidate looking to build on their writing experience.

Their writing experience.

I've always been a fan of using they as a gender non-binary pronoun where necessary and it makes me wonder why everyone else in the entire world hasn't seen that as the most efficient solution to the problem, since it clearly is. Yes it might not currently be universally seen as grammatically correct but nothing else even comes close in terms of familiarity and changing the grammar rule is much simpler than introducing new pronouns.

Sorry, I've been watching Jordan Peterson videos again.

So anyway, I called thirty-nine recruiters and had some productive discussions. I did a whole bunch of walking around East Dulwich. I came home at lunchtime to charge my phone, then went back out again. The sun went from East to West. I carried my little notebook around all day and for most of the calls, ended up squatting to jot down details, resting the notebook on my thigh. I mean who needs a desk, right?

At 4:45pm, in the darkness at the top of Dog Kennel Hill, I made my final phone call. I hadn't been sure if I'd make it through all thirty-nine. I'd realised after about eight calls that I actually hate calling people. I think that's fairly common these days. I got through them though. Then I promptly entered a nearby pub for a burger and a pint. And to charge my phone for the third time.


Fizzfan said...

Couldn’t agree more about the whole gender non-binary pronoun. What on earth is all the fuss about.
There’s already a word that’s perfect, as old as time, that no one needs to learn, remember, or get stressed out about. I swear some folks just like making life unnecessarily complicated.
According to my Son in a discussion he had the other week at college, there are now 17 different genders? I hope THEY all spend a lot more time and effort on creating a new woolly word to describe them all whilst pointing a dirty great arrow at their ‘differenceness’ so we can all get back to being fully aware without being told that they are different, but not wanting to point it out, because if we did we’d probably be accused of treating them differently!

Anyway, just have to say, that’s a lot of phone calls! You sounded very organised and determined.
Yeah I hate phone calls too but oddly opt to be on the phones at work. Probably because it’s already a crafted conversation built around a specific query that I have the answer. I’m kind of in control I guess. It makes time pass quickly too.

So you’re on their books now. Fab. I’m excited for you!
You’ve moved (hope that’s still all going well) and you’re getting some well deserved ZZZZZZs and feel relieved and rejuvenated. New year round the corner........
Yeah, just excited for you:))

Profound Familiarity said...

17 genders, that's so many. Apparently some people don't like to be defined as humans either so they have their own pronouns too.

Maybe we should do away with personal pronouns altogether and use "it" for everything.

How do you feel about the new year?

Fizzfan said...

I get quite into Christmas because I like the whole presents thing and twinkly lights. By the time I get to New Year I’m fed up of excess and save my Bah Humbug feelings for that.
Always love to watch the fireworks in London on TV though. I get a bit mesmerised and thrilled by big firework displays.
Have you ever been to watch them?

Next years got some goals and possible big changes in the pipeline.....Son could be leaving home to go to Uni. I’m catless so depending on how I cope without her dribbles and snuggles I may have to get a new one, and I have to pass my underwriting upgrade exam at work (still working on that as they keep postponing it due to us being too busy to train)
One really good hi-light is a two night stay in London in the summer with a couple of friends to go see Ed Sheeran. I’m defo looking forward to that.
Other than that, who knows......

How about you. How you feeling about it?