Saturday, 16 December 2017

#344 Cath's departure

I'd been meaning to send Cath an email explaining how much I hated it when she tried to give me advice and also how annoying I found the very presumptuous way in which her mind worked.

But how do you tell someone that, clearly enough to get the message across but not so clearly that it offends them?

Maybe it wasn't possible.

I'd been finding it very difficult and unpleasant to have a conversation with her for a long time because whatever I said would so often be met with an instruction or some form of judgement based on her apparent view that she somehow knew better than I did. About almost everything.

Either that or she'd make an incorrect assumption and then her reply wouldn't follow a normal conversational pattern. I once wrote out an example of what it was like having a conversation with her and sent it to her but she ignored it.

As usual, I did what I often did in situations where I wasn't happy with something. I pretty much said nothing for ages and then one day let it all out and that was it. No more Cath.

It seemed a shame to lose the first and often the only person to comment on my blog but that was the way the cookie had crumbled. Hopefully I'd still get the occasional comment from Fizzfan although I hadn't seen her as much lately. Maybe she'd become bored or busy or something.

I'd keep writing anyway. Followers weren't the only reason I'd started the blog. They were just a nice-to-have.

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