Friday 8 December 2017

#336 All change please

For all my insistence that London rentals was a seller's market, I was having trouble replacing myself. The room was large. Cheap. Near Canary Wharf. Yet I'd had zero messages. While the city's Grenfell victims remained unhoused, I was temporarily facing my own localised reverse housing crisis. For a week at least, I had too much accommodation.

I also had too much stuff. Who knew that golf clubs were so difficult to sell? I'd just found a buyer for a broken, out-of-date synthesiser at short notice, yet I couldn't shift a bag of sticks at Christmas. Did the game of golf no longer exist? Maybe it'd been superseded by virtual reality and I hadn't realised. I needed to start watching the news more.

Volunteering provided another opportunity to offload clothes. Walworth Road itself was practically one giant charity. I spent more time watching than helping this week though. There was a new guy in the group who knew Wordpress and HTML. Elizabeth, the group leader, still seemed more comfortable routing her requests through me, probably because I spoke better English and had been there longer. That might not last though.

To stay relevant, I'd have to be vigilant in spotting web updates and advising on content. It wouldn't hurt to put in some overtime either if I could manage it. Unlike the house, the volunteering group was one place where I definitely didn't want to get replaced.

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Profound Familiarity said...

My friend Fi suggested it and it seemed a logical thing to do.