Sunday 19 November 2017

#317 Remembering weekends

Today I resumed the room search. With it being a weekend, I decided I should build some leisure time into my schedule, so I took a stack of old books that I didn't read anymore and carried them to the Oxfam bookshop over in Greenwich.

I miss the weekends I had when I was about twenty-three. They were probably the best. Actually that's not true, I had some good ones in my late twenties too but at twenty-three they were more innocent.

Work was hard but it wasn't so hard that I'd be catatonic about it for two days. I'd just bought a 42" plasma, which was way too big for my room. I'd hooked it up to my speakers and at weekends, I'd come home and just play Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas for hours.

At lunchtime, I'd pause and walk into town for a McDonald's, back when Sevenoaks still had one. Then, in the evening I'd go to the pub with my two friends Jim and Kev. We might see some girls there, I'd have a shot or two and four or five pints, two of which I'd down because Jim would penny me and then I'd probably go and get a kebab afterwards.

I'd spend all of Sunday playing GTA . Mum might have cooked a roast and if she hadn't, I'd probably microwave one of those Birdseye beef dinners, with that little Yorkshire pudding that was always way too chewy because no matter how hard they tried, they could never really design a Yorkshire pudding suitable for microwaving.

It's hard to imagine being able to have a weekend that good ever again.

Ok that's not true either, I'm sure it'd be possible to imitate it but it's not the norm anymore.


Fizzfan said...

Awww, that made me a bit sad that you can’t imagine having weekends that good again.
Often pans out that thoughts like that are a precursor to big changes:)

I guess I had a similar favourite phase when I was about 19/20 and lived with my Nan. Pubs all weekend with my boyfriend and a large group of friends. Sunday’s were best cos we’d have a Sunday roast to greet us when we got back and her apple pies with a crust of sugar n custard were out of this world. Snooze the afternoon away til rejoining friends again back down the pub in the evening.

Yeah home made Yorkshire puds fresh from the oven are truly special and any attempt to box up, sell on and reheat is doomed.

Will be fulfilling a long standing promise to make n bake a chicken pie today. I hate making pastry but it tastes good.


Profound Familiarity said...

I didn't realise you lived with your nan.

Wow, you spent a ton of time in the pub in those days :) I bet young people do so less now. Several of those that were open when I was that age have now closed.

Chicken pie sounds wonderful, let me know how it turns out.

Fizzfan said...

Yeah lived with Nan when parents split and Step Mom n me didn’t entirely hit it off.

Village pubs were plentiful and great meeting places. It was the norm. Had to travel about 50 miles if you wanted to go to a decent club. One of the main reasons I ended up moving to where I live now.

Chicken pie was lovely cept Hubby had nicked all the potatoes to make some soup! We had no mash!!!:(