Wednesday 11 April 2018

#500 Thank you Fizzfan et al.

Thank you Fizzfan for all of your wonderful comments. It's been an absolute joy seeing your responses every day. I remember standing on a cold station platform last year at the height of the miserable house hunt and feeling reassured by your uplifting messages. I'm sure I will continue picking up the phone to check them out of habit for a while to come.

I'm looking forward to finding new ways of spending the extra twenty to sixty minutes every day such as staring out the window of trains or in the case of the tube, looking blankly at the overhead map and trying to avoid eye-contact with the other passengers.

When I started blogging five years ago, I originally considered writing daily but quickly imagined it would require immense dedication and opted to write something more weekly instead. Contrary to that expectation, at no point did writing over two hundred daily posts feel too taxing. I think a part of me must have needed to do it and found it therapeutic. 

I tested out my ability to keep up the posts beforehand by writing for ten days in a row and found that fine. I thought perhaps I would write daily for a month or two, then it became a daily ritual and I carried it on. Now I've reached a point where I would like to see what else I can do with the time.

Thanks also in no particular order to Hetal, Cath, John, Liz and my family, who I know read at times and anyone else who has taken an interest during the last eight months and the years before that.


Fizzfan said...

Thanks so much for your amazing blogs Dan and your invites and incites into a mind most amusing and interesting in a way that really is not the norm, and long may you continue rummaging through the banal and bizarre aspects of just about EVERYTHING that life sends your way.
If you’ve got a gift, someone somewhere will always want to unwrap it, so whatever you do it’s bound to be very worthwhile and very probably much more likely to be absolutely awesome.

I don’t know how you’ve managed to cover all the topics and thought processes that you have, and have often mused about where you found your inspiration, along with genuinely marvelling at your attention to detail on many more than a few occasions.

You deserve a big breather and I shall look forward to checking in to see what you’ve been up to, but although I’ll be very happy to see your posts, I’ll be just as happy not to, as I shall assume you’ve got bigger and better things either brewing or doing:)

(I’ve never been called reassuring before, so if I somehow managed to do that, I’m both amazed and very happy. Ta very muchly)


Profound Familiarity said...

Yes I do think you're reassuring. You make observations and pay compliments.

Ciao ciao.