Thursday 5 April 2018

#494 A dietary change

I'd never been into protein bars and shakes. They seemed like something a person should only have before hitting the gym. Or after hitting the gym. Or while chilling out at the gym. I didn't go to the gym though. When I wanted to exercise, I ran. And runners didn't need extra protein. Or so I thought.

I'd always been a self-confessed carb monster. I loved them. I could pile my plate full of pasta, load thick slices of buttered bread on the side and never put on any weight. The only problem was the energy flux. I'd feel fine until about 2pm and then plummet into a carb coma. Not literally but I certainly wasn't taking any names after lunch.

I came across the right advice by chance. A YouTube video about something else that happened to mention loading up on protein at breakfast. It seemed worth a try so I had a power bar one morning and the rest was history.

The first thing I noticed was that my mood was more stable. I got hungry at lunch time but wasn't desperate for it. The most remarkable thing was when I tried having only chicken and vegetables at midday. There was no afternoon slump at all, it was incredible. My focus was like a laser beam.

I didn't care if it was a placebo, I was sold. My next step would be to stock up on protein-rich breakfast foods and keep them at home. There was enough to choose from. I wasn't keen on jerky and the drinks still seemed like too much quick-release sugar, so the bars seemed like the best bet. Or nuts. I used to love peanut butter toast in the mornings. Apparently it didn't contain enough though. I never thought I'd wave goodbye to peanut butter but things were different now. It was 2018. Even peanut butter might have to make way for progress.


Fizzfan said...

I’ve never been too much of a carb monster. I look at it almost like padding and think it’s responsible for doing exactly that in our bodies. Sugar’s my downfall so have never been able to not start the day with coffee and a biscuit.
Lunch at work I try to take in home made soup (chilli chicken n veg)
Evening meal is usually something like a curry or stir fry because they’re so quick. Fish and veg with chilli sauce is another favourite .
Then a glass of fizz and an ice cream lolly. Crisps seem to have snuck in too of late.
At home I don’t eat lunch but I do get a bit hangry so have the evening meal late afternoon.
I must admit my liking of vegetables has increased lately. I could almost become a veggie if I could be bothered with all the peeling.

Sunday roast is my only blow out of the week but so worth the semi coma that follows.

I have at times viewed my ice cream lolly in the same way as a line of coke. Sugar is addictive.

PS Lot of assumption in above statement:)

Profound Familiarity said...

Once again your comment is more interesting that my blog post.

Do you have all these things every day, like the same soup, or does it vary much?

Yes sugar is addictive. I might look for multipacks of sweet popcorn to have instead of chocolate.


Fizzfan said...

You do all the hard work, but thanks, but course can’t agree:)

I do get a stash of Naked Noodles when they’re 2 4 1, (which are probably just Pot Noodles in a more stylish pot) for my soup absense days.
But yes, it’s always chilli chicken n veg. I really should branch out more, but I just really like it.

I had a phase of sweet popcorn once. I feel obliged to say heroin.
It’s OK, I’m good now.

Profound Familiarity said...

I guess if it's chilli chicken n veg it has plenty of nutrients in it.

I'm amazed you don't get bored of having the same lunch.