Tuesday 3 April 2018

#492 Life as a pool table - part 15

Closing remarks

During this fifteen part series, of which this is the last part, I have attempted to describe an imaginable sequence of events that tell a story about the development of a population of robots from some balls of dust.

I feel as though they have now reached a point where any further development would be either difficult or irrelevant. However I would be happy to respond to any questions about the series.

One question could be whether I think there's any truth in the story. I like to claim that I try not to hold any beliefs. That claim could probably be debated by those who know me and I generally enjoy participating in such debates. 

I do think that with an open-mind, a person can see some truth... and some untruth... in just about anything.


Fizzfan said...

Now that your robots have become so human, like all cycles, I think they’ll go on to invent their own robots to do the dirty work:)
Smart or unsmart?

I think there’s truth in every story and that truth is as underrated as it’s over valued.

Yeah, keeping the door to the mind open is all good. I’ve nailed a reminder notice to mine, but if I haven’t got my glasses on.......:(

Bon Voyage Robots, it’s been a very interesting journey!

Kudos to you Dan. Brilliant!!!

Profound Familiarity said...


I want to combine the parts, polish it up a bit and put it on Medium. At some stage.

Is there anything you would change? Do you feel like it ended in an OK place?

I don't think the pool table title works because it quickly gets lost. I'll probably call it "From balls of dust, an evolutionary story", or something.

Fizzfan said...

Very good idea. It’s definitely worth a wider airing!

At no stage did I think ‘I’d change that,’ so my only response can be, no:)

The ending felt exactly where it should be to me.

‘Balls of dust’ are a must, and ‘the evolutionary story’ is a perfect explanation.

Happy honing and pondering:)

Profound Familiarity said...

Thanks :)

It's so cool that you liked it. I'm still waiting for Hetal to read it.