Sunday 31 December 2017

#359 Reading all about it

Deep in the southernmost part of zone two, the demand for free newspapers was through the stratosphere. In addition to the existing Peckham Peculiar and the new Dulwich Diverter, a third local read, the Lewisham Ledger, was being planned for Spring 2018.

I'd been meaning to peruse the Diverter since acquiring my first copy two weeks ago but had not bothered to do so. Not until a discussion with my new landlord reminded me that if I intended to go around yapping about how I enjoyed writing, it might not do me much harm to have a go at getting something published. What exactly, I wasn't sure.

I'd often thought that the majority of newspaper stories, as well as the overall character of the publications that carried them were lacking in charm and epicity. This no doubt came from a need to present a professional, respectable impression to the public however it led me to wonder whether it might be possible to produce something a bit more eccentric. The kind of paper that might get blasted by some and fought-over by others. My thoughts on that matter would have to wait for another day though. It was time to take a look at the current state of affairs.

I took the paper from my shelf and gave it a flick-through. It was smart and full of informative pieces on local business owners and community events. There were no surprises there then. All I needed to do was to get friendly with a resident entrepreneur who hadn't already been covered, or get the scoop on a nearby event that nobody else yet knew about. It seemed I had my work cut out.

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