Tuesday 5 December 2017

#333 My Christmas sale

Everything had to go. Well, not everything. I'd put together a list of the fourteen types of things I'd need once I moved. Everything else was being sold. Were Christmas sales a real thing? Or was I thinking of Boxing Day sales? Either way, I was having one.

There were the speakers I'd acquired when I was sixteen. For three years at uni, my room had emitted a near-constant thudding sound. When I moved to East Dulwich I used them much less. On the Isle of Dogs, I no longer used them at all. Nor would I again. The cables needed trimming. Some dents in the fake black wood needed colouring in with permanent marker pen. They were ready to go though. A chap named Sandy was coming to pick them up in half an hour.

Then there was the keyboard I'd purchased earlier this year. I got it for the specific purpose of learning how to play the Karazhan theme from World of Warcraft, which I sort of accomplished. I had an idea about playing it at St. Pancras as there were a number of pianos there but that will almost certainly never happen now. Some guy called Felix would take it tomorrow. Maybe he would learn the Karazhan theme too.

The guitar and amp that I'd got at eighteen were in... not good condition but they worked. I had fitted and tuned the strings myself and would be throwing in some spares. I'd painted the amp pink. I'd taken that guitar apart and put it back together again. Now it was going to Ellie because she wanted a pink amp. She didn't care about the guitar but I told her they were a couple and had to remain together. She seemed content with that.

The golf clubs were going too. I hadn't played in about nine years. They'd seen plenty of use as additional fixtues to my drying rack. I'd sometimes sandwich a club between the top of my wardrobe and a stack of large textbooks and hang clothes there to dry.

I never used any of those things anymore and my impending move seemed like a good chance to unburden myself from them. I couldn't decide whether to sell the Lynx collection. It might appreciate over time but it took up space. I was fond of my two plants but if the room had no window, I'd try to get rid of them too. Lean and mean. Just me, the laptop, the printer, my clothes and some other odds and ends. That was all that mattered. So that was all I'd take.


Running on empty said...

My over the door laundry drying rack broke recently. It stops the door from closing normally, but I still liked its convenience. It was one of a pair given to us for our wedding, 16 years ago. A very useful gift, the other is still hanging from the kitchen door.

Profound Familiarity said...

Ah yes, very useful.

Wouldn't it be great to have a dryer? I wonder if there are eco-friendly dryers.

I once went on a school trip for a week in Wales and we dried our clothes using a mangle. I can't imagine that they were completely dry but it must get a fair amount of the water out.

Running on empty said...

I put the clothes through a second spin, as I have a front loader. Dryers cost alot to run. We have one but I mostly use it to finish things off.