Wednesday 22 November 2017

#320 Adam and Lily's place

3:30pm. Some coffee shop in the underground mall at Canary Wharf. I'd just spent the last couple of minutes noisily swapping tables with the one next to me by dragging them around the floor Men In Black style. Only to find out it was the floor that had the wobble.

Of all the stupid ways in which I still waste money despite not having an income, unlimited data is perhaps my favourite. I see my ability to tether pretty much anywhere without having to worry about wifi networks and passwords as a significant personal freedom. One that Virgin keep trying to snatch back because they will never again offer it at the price I paid. Over my dead body. Or until they decide my custom isn't worth it anymore. I'd give it another year or two before they reach that conclusion.

The coffee shop had been Sarah's idea. Mix it up. Write somewhere new. I said to her "Listen missy, I've written all over this city, there isn't anywhere I haven't written before." At least I would have if my memory was better. As it was though, technically I couldn't remember if I'd written an actual blog post in an actual coffee shop before so I decided to go along with it. The idea was that I get out of the house more, which was fair enough.

I do actually quite like coffee. This might come as a surprise to some people. Mostly because when offered it, I always say "No, I don't really like coffee." That fact is, I'll drink some decaf now and then and quite enjoy it but at a day-to-day level, honestly who can be bothered?

I was in between viewings. This morning it had been the residence of Adam and Lily. What a beautiful residence it was. I don't know styles but I'd compare it to the images that come to mind when reading about the old house in The Borrowers. A very fitting setting for a transitional period in a person's life. 

Lily made rules. She could enforce them too. No use of the kitchen after 11pm or before 6am. No excessive noise that disturbs the other housemates. No leaving the kitchen in a state less than completely clean. I kid you not, this place was the exact opposite of my current digs and I could have planted a smacker on each of its owners for it. There was a teensy-weensy niggle though.

Lily let the other room out to Air B&B guests. What that meant, was that I could be sharing a bathroom with different people every week and if they wanted to occupy the bathroom between 7am and 8am and I didn't get there first, I'd be stuck having to go to work without a shower. It wasn't exactly appealing. 

That wasn't all. Lily was currently letting her mother stay on the guest floor too. That meant I'd be competing with three other people for a narrow window of bathroom time. Two of whom I didn't even know. A less fussy tenant might decide that they'd simply get up early and hope for the best. I was not that tenant. I turned into a demonic monster if I couldn't shower in the morning. I'd be frothing and fuming almost as much as I was in my current abode. 

Once again my aim of finding accommodation where I could meet my fellow occupants and be assured that their routines wouldn't interrupt mine seemed almost unrealistic. For a while, I wasn't sure whether to show interest or not. I decided not to.


Fizzfan said...

A couple, her Mum, n random others, sounds awful!
That doesn’t sound like a very level playing field and you could’ve ended up feeling like you were walking on eggshells pretty quickly.

Coffee? Puzzled to the bothering reference. Do you only drink percolated?
I’m a Millicano fan. It’s instant though.

Profound Familiarity said...

Imagine having to wait for water to boil or queue up just to have a drink? Much too much bother.

I don't really know what percolation is :) Is it like filtration? I don't think I'm that fussed.

Fizzfan said...

I can’t imagine life without a morning cuppa. I lay around waiting for someone to bring me one on my days off but often to no avail.
Yes imagine my grumpiness when I have to boil n toil myself. I’m very happy you understand!

Yes percolating involves real coffee beans and a special contraption or machine and time. I don’t know anyone that sticks to this onerous task but I’m sure people with too much time or servants might indulge.