Wednesday 8 November 2017

#306 Mamabear wins

I didn't think she'd beat me. I'd been playing Scrabble for about a week. Naino's mum. My sister and now this kid. The one who'd introduced me to it. It was our second or third game but she did it. As I sat there. Three turns left. All I had was the letter Q. I'd dragged that goddamn final letter over every single square on that board waiting for a match. Thousands of words I'd never heard of and they don't allow EQ or IQ. Or QE. I guess they're all abbreviations. Fucking Scrabble.

Then I lost the game. I'd already said "Well done" in the app so I posted a smiley on Messenger. My winning streak was over. Reality had caught up with me and I was no longer invincible. What a cruel world it was.

I'd found Aimee... I have no idea when actually. Several months back. Something like that. I'd message about stuff, then she'd message about her stuff, which was generally more serious. I felt guilty that at 21, the girl had been through things most of the people I know never had to reckon with. I didn't know how she held it together. Now she'd beaten me at Scrabble too. That university didn't know what it was missing.

What can you do with a "Q"? I think it would've allowed "QI" but there was no "I". Now and then I'd wait a while and the app would tell me it was their turn. Then it'd tell them it was my turn. We'd have to quit and start over. I suppose we could try Monopoly but that wouldn't make sense. The pace was right for Scrabble. Chess maybe but that really made my brain ache. I never liked chess that much. It was ok but I'd get bored and quit half-way through. I lost a friend that way once. Kinda.

I'd get bored of it soon. Probably sooner now I'd lost one. Delete the app. Make space on my phone. For something else. Another app. Leave a comment recommending one if you want.

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