Tuesday 26 September 2017

#263 Blogs written by women in New Zealand and London

Having not so long ago toured the blogosphere and reported my findings myah, my attention more recently turned closer to home. Who did I know that wrote a blog? Four people: Cath, Naomi, Amy and Leanne. Welcome to their worlds:

An Aussie In The World 
Bulging with photos and videos, the wonder from down under likes to write about her friends, local life, history and the world's most intricately designed party, which she's lovingly organising for her daughter next year. A fan of guest posts, Cath has attracted a small brigade of followers from around the globe and reliably produces several posts every month. She also writes poetry.

The Beast Is Loose
Naomi's a confident orator and has managed to capture her own style of speaking and type it out into whopping great updates, which is very fortunate because since emigrating to New Zealand, she's been up to all kinds of adventurous excursions and activities, all of which have been photographed and shared for her readers' pleasure.

Amy's been in New Zealand longer than Naomi. She likes to lay on the photos too, keeping their enviable antics thoroughly documented. The two blogs have a fair amount in common, with both going into the details of their experiences, which gives viewers a solid impression of the ups and downs of kiwi living.

Ten Years' Time
An active poet, Leanne's actions show it, amassing traction below bright lights at mic nights and summer festivals, spitting rhymes under summer sun rays that make some of Kanye's look as flat as runways. You might catch her in the intervals. Practically shameless and intergalactically famous. We follow her and who can blame us? Her inspiration flames us, imitation's aimless.

For completeness, I also asked myself who I knew that used to write a blog: Cesca & David and Mark & Lisa:

If anyone wants to read about walking from the southernmost tip of the UK to its northenmost tip, Cesca and David's blog has it covered.

Mark and Lisa are probably the loveliest couple I know. So much so that I really couldn't give a fig if any other couples I know read that. They kept a blog during their travels to Asia and Oceania.


Running on empty said...

Thankyou, Dan, that was very sweet of you. I am grateful for yours and Fizz' guest posts. For anyone that wants it


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The headings above are links.

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