Wednesday 6 September 2017

#242 Getting noticed in internet searches without using SEO

I had a couple of calls this week from companies who publish articles about investments. It's not something I know much about. There will have been shareholder ratios that I memorised when studying business at school. I read monthly reports on the extremely low-risk money market deposits held by the insurers I used to work on. I read The Big Short after the financial crisis. It's one of the great stories of our time but I couldn't talk about when to buy or sell a stock, what different types of product there are, or what's going on in the markets this week.

If I came across a good opportunity to learn more about investment techniques and strategies that genuinely seemed to be educative in nature and not at all persuasive, that might be fun. I suspect though, that there can't be many companies in that market, that aren't trying to get people to part with cash that they might lose, even if they don't say that's what they're doing. If it looks like that's the case, I'll probably keep my guard up quite high. Even if I'd enjoy learning more about it.

A lot of jobs ask for knowledge of Search Engine Optimisation. I wish I knew more about it. My first reaction when I heard the term was to imagine people sneaking wording into websites to try to cheat their way to the top of the search rankings. I don't think that would even work these days. Google's just too smart for it. There might be other ways of getting a site ranked though that are legitimate... like making a really good website... which is harder to criticise. I might watch some videos about it.

When I search for "Something More Weekly" this is the first result I get. In fact it's the first four results but I'm never sure if that's because Google knows it's my website. I have to try and find someone who's never read the blog to type it in and see if it comes up.

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