Sunday 17 September 2017

#253 The biggest and best biscuits in Blighty

I've been commenting on an awful lot of Ben's Cookies Facebook posts lately. It's rare that a brand excites me enough to be so well-tolerated among the adverts that pop up in the news feed. Who doesn't love photos of cookies though?

I think most of their pics come from Instagram. Let's see if I can find out how they get there. Ok it looks like they're submitted by various individuals. No sign of the photos on the individuals' profiles. Maybe they email them in and Ben mentions their Instagram name when posting them. Not a bad way to get several thousand views of a photo you take. If it's of a cookie.

There are some astounding food pictures on Instagram, I've never really delved into that world before. Look at Nina Joy's page. I have no idea how that girl stays so lean. She seems to live off junk. Or simply goes around taking photos of it and not eating it. I don't know which is worse. It looks amazing though.

I don't like it when a meal is nutritionally unbalanced. I'm not saying no burgers or pizza but would it do a fast food place any harm to offer a side of buttered carrots and greens? I want a Zinger Tower Burger with a little pot of roasted onions, squash and char-grilled peppers.

McDonald's are just about cottoning on with their bag of carrot sticks but zero points for creativity. Healthy doesn't have to be boring. If they at least served the carrots with hummus, they'd get a whole load more orders although admittedly McHummus doesn't sound great. I can't wait for McBroccoli though. I'm telling you, it's coming. Just give it a few years.  


Running on empty said...

We like hummus

Profound Familiarity said...

Yes we do.

Running on empty said...

You should submit those ideas to the fast food companies. It's something I've often thought.
The other thing you could do is buy an individual salad elsewhere to have with your fast food.

Profound Familiarity said...

Both good suggestions.