Tuesday 18 August 2015

#118 Home

“How was your swim?” I asked, knowing that the answer would be followed by five seconds of silence. To be fair, my housemate did have her earphones in. “What?” She said, pulling one of them out. “Oh sorry, I just asked how your swim was” I said. “Oh yeah good thanks” she replied, letting out a small sound followed instinctively by “excuse me”. “So, what do you think about this” she continued. “We were out last night and we were just chatting, just normally and we were talking about clothes and I said do you like my tshirt and he was like oh I don’t really wear tshirts and I was like, hmm that’s a bit odd and I guess it’s true, like I’ve never seen him wear a tshirt but still do you think that’s a bit weird?” “and rude and it annoyed you” I added “Yes! Exactly!” she said, pleased that I’d taken the bait. I quite often don’t. 

“HI DAN!” called Marc ever so slightly louder than necessary but not as loud enough to provoke a reaction. I wondered why he never said hi to Naino. “How’s your evening?” I asked. “Right, so I ordered a pizza, ok?” he said, pacing into the room and perching on the side of Naino’s sofa. She kept watching her show. “and I ordered it at six cause I have to go meet my friend at seven so I wrote in the comments box, ‘please deliver by 6:45, meeting friend at 7‘ right? It’s 6:50 now, and they just haven’t got in touch. Nothing.” “Did you try call-” I offered “Yeah, I spoke to them a couple of minutes ago, they say it’s five minutes away and I was like well that’s not good enough because how am I going to eat a whole pizza in ten minutes, when your delivery time says 45 minutes and I wrote clearly in the comments box, please deliver by 6:45“. “Like, I know, I know sometimes things are late but they could’ve at least picked up the phone and rang me because then I’d know where my food was, so then I know that I wasn’t going to eat it until I got back” “Rrrrr... it’s just really annoying how they don’t even bother to ring” he said, frustrated. 

“How’re you?” Marc asked Naino, changing the subject. “How’re you Naino?” He said, slightly louder, looking at me to make sure I’d witnessed the fact that she wasn’t responding. Giving up, he got up off the arm of the sofa and walked back into the kitchen to look out of the window for the moped.

None of this actually happened.

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