Tuesday 18 August 2015

#117 Work

This October, I will have been at PwC for nine years. It’s not a small amount of time. From that point of view, my first main job after university has gone relatively well. I think I am proud of that. I suppose I may as well be. Proud is a strong word though. Pleased might be a better one. A favourite movie quote of mine is from Ace Ventura When Nature Calls, where Jim Carrey’s character, after becoming a spiritually enlightened being, declares that pride is “an abomination of the soul”. I do like that quote.

During the last few years, my performance hasn’t really met the expectations of some, although not all, of my managers all that well. I enjoy certain elements of the job. Analysis. Technical writing. I’m less good when it comes to verbal communication and making decisions under pressure. 

When Autumn comes I might look at other positions within the company to see if there are any that better suit my skill set. I do hope though, over time, not just to change my role but through practice and awareness, to improve in some of the areas where I don’t do so well.

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Running on empty said...

So, they could have sent you for training in the skills you needed. Stupid to expect everyone to be good at everything without being taught. Grr.