Sunday 2 August 2015

#114 Liz

It was a humble affair in the end that marked Liz's departure from the house this week. Her looming deadline meant that drinks on Lordship Lane were scaled back to a takeaway and us cleaning her room. This was then further scaled back, with a little divine influence, to eating a casserole of chicken thighs, chopped tomatoes and peppers and cleaning the whole house. At 7:45pm, I took my place at the table and quietly cracked open a can of Fosters to accompany the meal. We ate together for the last time as housemates, talked and made some jokes. Once we were done with the chicken, each of us took for dessert a brownie, from the pile I'd made the day before.

After she'd gone I had a quick peek behind the bed and the wardrobe, looking for the black mould, that unrivalled yet largely unseen measure of how good a housemate a person truly is. Just a trace, around the bottom of the skirting board behind the wardrobe. It could have been mostly dust.

I was slightly surprised actually, as it was clear that the girl was very dedicated in her work, one of the more legitimate excuses that a person can have for seldom having the time to do much cleaning. Perhaps she had spent most of her time in the lounge or kitchen. Maybe she had kept the room well ventilated. We don't know. What we do know is that she has left the house.

Just in case that wasn't clear.

Oh and we liked her. She was an excellent housemate.

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