Sunday 29 September 2013

#40 Lordship Lane

Staying in, waiting for Naino's new phone to arrive didn't really sound more fun than Salsa dancing with Barbra, even factoring in the risk of being stuck dancing with some weirdo, which in Brixton, I'd imagine to be something of a coin toss. Still, we decided to do the whole friend thing and hang out with Nains for the night.

In unconventional fashion, I started the evening with a kebab. Do not judge me. Eventually the phone came and we headed out for some cocktails at House of Tiplar, which like some but definitely not all of Dulwich's Dulwichy places, just about gets away with being Dulwichy because the cocktails are actually quite good. I reserve the right to change my mind about this. 

To liven up the evening, Naino told us some stories, carrying the tone below appropriate dining room discussion level and probably below bar level, unless you like to hang out in... wait no, any bar. It kinda worked but instead of blowing our week's wages on more cocktails, we decided to move on to Adventure Bar for some beers. 

Now I don't necessarily approve of Adventure Bar in general, mainly because I'm not a nineteen year old girl. I'm pretty sure that even the one I dated back in January would think it was lame but it's local and to be fair it has a really nice vibe. Also, it currently has a table tennis table.

So Barbs and I started hitting the ball around, which was fun because she's competitive enough to try and win every shot, even in a warm-up and as a result the ball kept flying off and rolling under countless tables of other drinkers, who never seemed to mind us groping around for it.

It wasn't long before an off-the-wall guy with a south London accent joined in, accompanied by his large, dark mate, whose arms were large enough for him to have started going to the gym before it was cool to go to the gym. In fact Naino reckoned he was even too stacked for her. I made a bet with him that Barbs would beat his dodgy mate, which she just about did.

The evening wore on and we kept the table. After some time, two chaps with a hint of private school about them, who had been drinking since 11am, gallantly took on the challenges of playing table tennis and chatting up my two house mates, neither of which they properly nailed but I'll take my hat off to the fact that they jolly well had a good go at both. This didn't go unnoticed.

On his way out, muscles grabbed the chin of chap number two and made a comment about him needing to smile more. The chap followed him out of the bar. "That guy must be out of his mind" I said to Barbra, who explained that he was a cage-fighter and showed me a clip of him wrestling on Youtube. Earlier in the evening, Naino had noticed a large tattoo, which ran all the way around his neck and was just about visible above the line of his jumper. When asking him what it was, he told her solemnly that it was a reminder not to do bad things. "What kind of bad things?" She asked. He just shook his head. 

After standing around outside for a bit, cagey comes back in and we decide to call it a night. I found muscles elsewhere in the bar on our way out and said goodnight.

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