Thursday 12 September 2013

#37 Oh look

I was out for a walk today and the Lord came down and said to me, "you know what? You've been doing some good work recently. I tell you what...". He said, "you can do whatever you want tomorrow. I'll let you choose". I said "really?". "Sure" he replied. "Why not?". "In fact", said he, "I'll let you choose everything". "What do you mean?" I asked. "Well..." he replied. "You can wear what you want, eat what you want and do what you want. I will give you free roam of the city and beyond so that you may go wherever you want. You may drink what you want, you can choose any available mode of transport to get around and you can either rush or take your time."

"You see all those cars moving about on the road?" He said. "They all contain people. There are many of my people in the city, millions. Many many more than you could count in a day if all you did was count all day as fast as you could". "Wow", I thought "and I can talk to any one of them?" "Of course" he said. "You're still not getting this are you? Before you lies tonnes and tonnes of food, every single sport that you can think of, every single movie. You can dance, sing, pick up an instrument, any book, any puzzle or gadget, any toy. Dan there are many fine museums and galleries here containing artifacts and some of the finest works of art from all over the world. I'll let you play any tune, loudly or quietly, many times if you like. If you're tired, you can take a nap, if you're happy, you can skip or whistle, if you're joyous, you can laugh, loud. I will let you do things that you haven't even though of yet".

The Lord continued, "Dan as you go through life, you may do whatever you wish. Meet whoever you like, you can choose your occupation, the dreams you pursue, you can pick any toothpaste, they come in several different flavours. You can have favourite drinks, you can define yourself by what you wear, or not at all, I'll let you earn money so that you can buy things and I'll let you run and give you different types of weather so that you have something to talk about even when you can't think of anything inspirational to say! You can even choose lots of the thoughts that enter your head, you can do things to influence your mood, you can set yourself standards and rules and goals and values, you can write. 

You can draw. You can make lists and spreadsheets and... you can make a mess if you like, you can just throw everything around and dance in the mess, if you really want to. You can pour syrup on your head and set fire to something, make up words, video yourself walking down supermarket isles backwards, make snow angels in the winter, swim in the sea in the summer, punch the wall, water the plants, pet animals, watch TV, read about geology or genealogy or geography. You can see peacocks, or dive from cliffs or save sick children or visit the rainforest, fly a plane, tie a letter to a balloon and see if anyone picks it up, spin around until you're dizzy, eat chocolate until you're sick, you can choose where you live, who you meet, how you treat them and what it all means to you".

"Cheers" I said, walking off down the road. I had no idea what I wanted to do.

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